Villa Zileri is a historic building in the vicinity of the city of Vicenza. To this day it is located at the center of a vast park, which is in turn surrounded by a large area of countryside. The ‘salone d’onore’, the main hall of the manor house, is decorated with a series of frescoes created by the painter Gianbattista Tiepolo at the start of the Eighteenth Century.

villa zileri

From its origins to the present day

When entering the villa the visitor has the feeling of embarking upon a journey, a six hundred year journey filled with charm, history and culture. In 1436, Count Antonio Nicolò dei Loschi, a member of one of the most important noble families in Vicenza, bought an estate, which included 800 fields in the countryside of the Biron area, choosing it for its strategic position near the entrance to the city. Over the following years, successful agricultural activity determined the growth of the estate and the villa, which became a central reference point for the surrounding land.

In the mid Eighteenth Century the villa was inherited by the Zileri family and, in recent years, the building was carefully restored. Due to efforts by the current owners, the rooms of the villa underwent a process of repurposing into contemporary residential and office spaces. The villa now represents an exemplary way to integrate and enhance the value of a Villa of the Veneto Region within the present day economic and cultural life.

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Tiepolo at the Villa Zileri

In 1729, an episode of exceptional importance changed the history of the Loschi family. The Republic of Venice welcomed the family in the Libro d’oro, the ‘golden book which listed all the noble families of the region. As a consequence, the family estate of Biron underwent a process of requalification and renewal, aimed at the celebration and promotion of the family’s new image of nobility. Count Nicolò had the insight to see the exceptional talents of a young painter, Giambattista Tiepolo, who had recently started to show his brilliant skills, which would turn him into the most famous and sought after artist in the courts of Europe.

At Villa Zileri, Tiepolo further proved his exceptional talents by decorating the new salone nobile, the main hall, with twelve frescoes, all of which were created entirely by the artist himself, without the help of the workshop or of his son Giandomenico. In these frescoes the allegorical representation of the virtues of the noble family are symbolized by elegant and impressive human figures, paired with the skilful composition and the bright colours of a space which is filled with light.

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villa zileri
villa zileri

The Park and its history

The vast park that surrounds the villa, landscaped during the mid 19th century according to the design by the Milanese Architect Balzaretti, reflects the romantic atmosphere of the typical English garden. The park pushed its boundaries beyond the walls of the villa, reaching vast portions of the countryside, as large ancient trees, were planted to create eye pleasing perspectives and to convey the idea of a landscape that leads all the way to the foot of the nearby Berici hills.

The combination of the park and the surrounding countryside, which has remained more or less intact to this day, offers particularly favourable conditions to create a botanical oasis, rich in flora and fauna. This natural oasis is all the more precious if we consider its position, close to the urban areas and town center of Vicenza.

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The hidden gems of Villa Zileri

The long history of the villa and its enlightened owners have, over time, enriched the building with prestigious examples of cultural and artistic production. During the mid 17th century, Count Alfonso Loschi commissioned the construction and decoration of the fascinating grotta delle conchiglie, the ‘cave of the shells’, where a desire to impress visitor is linked to a the celebration of wealth of the Biron Estate.

In the nineteenth century, Countess Drusilla Loschi promoted the renovation of the cappella di San Francesco, the chapel of St Francis. The building was redesigned and redecorated by Architect Caregaro Negrin.
Count Alessandro Zileri, a great traveler and keen botanist, was particularly fond of the Biron dwelling, which he inherited towards the end of the century. It is likely that it was he and his wife Bianca Carrega who bought the rare example of fortepiano, built in Vienna by the Tomaschek company, which was recently restored and is now working perfectly.

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villa zileri


The rooms of the villa are available both for corporate and private use. The villa offers the use of offices and apartments.


The Villa Zileri Home complex, is placed within the historic building of Villa Zileri and next to the former stables. It is in the middle of the park and it includes 20 apartments, all with modern technology fixtures,


villa zileri

villa zileri


The rooms of Villa Zileri Office can be found within the historic building of the Villa Zileri Motterle.

The spacious and elegant offices are ideal for those who want to work in modern spaces, while having use of modern technology. The rooms are perfect to receive clients in a unique context, surrounded by nature and filled with charm and culture.



Opening times:
From Monday to Sunday, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm | 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm

Friday From 10:00 am to 12:30 pm (afternoon closed)

Saturday and Sunday, 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Car and Bus Parking place available

For more information please contact the following number:
Phone: +39 351 5345013 or e-mailing to: visite@villazileri.com

Villa Zileri is an historic building: entry is also guaranteed to disable people, but to allow the access to all the places that can be visited there is a specially identified route.

For logistical reasons it is therefore necessary, for people with disabilities, to book the visit.


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    Reduced Price-Ticket € 6,00

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    Did you visit the Hall of Honor only? Do you want to visit park?
    Coming back with the same ticket and you will pay € 6,00 to visit park.

    Cave of Shells
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    San Francesco Chapel
    € 3,00 more with the purchase of regular ticket

    Cave of Shells + San Francesco Chapel
    € 5,00 with the purchase of regular ticket

    To visit San Francesco Chapel is necessary the reservation.

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